Our Mission

RC Van Wyk Projects was registered in September 2020. Our core business revolve around excavation and the rehabilitation. The main objective is to move product safely without compromising on quality. It is our mission to work as a team and build good customer relationships by understanding their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

To achieve this we need to make sure that we place the right people in the right positions and develop their skills and talents and provide opportunities for them to influence outcomes. Our approach is to take on any project with the end result in mind. That way its easy to map out our operation and involve the right people. Desired results only comes with positive and focused people. In order to achieve this we set realistic expectations and deadlines with crystal clear communication. Most of all we try to have fun by celebrating our achievements together without compromising integrity and our competitiveness.

We intend to build our company into the number one brand when it come to excavation services. Staying current and in tune with the latest technologies and developments we want to ensure that we use the best equipment and technologies available at the commencement of each and every project. We therefore endeavor to invest in education, training and skills development with a focus on youth as well as females in order to stay abreast in these ever-changing environment that we conduct our business in. This way we also stay ahead of our competitors.

Our Principles

We, at RC Van Wyk Projects value the following principle: Respect for our clients as well as amongst ourselves. We believe that teamwork will propel this company to its highest potential and that we need to value and tolerate our diversity in language, culture, religion and gender.

Effective communication is one of our key cornerstones that we intend to use in order to build our company into a formidable brand. We believe in people as the heartbeat of our company, be it client or staff. It is our goal to leave a green footprint behind when we conduct our daily business be it in the office or in the field and in order to save and preserve our beautiful planet for many more centuries to come.

Future Plans

Our future plans is to establish an training academy as well as a bursary fund to train young people with interest in obtaining technical skills and also stay current with the latest technologies and developments.

We believe that if we invest in our youth as well as females we can build this company to a level where we can play our part in eradicating poverty and reduce the unemployment rate in our country.

Quality service with over 25 years of experience

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What We Do

What We Do

Our main focus is excavation, rehabilitation of the ground with safety as priority with the aim to preserve the environment. We also offer transport services particularly for mining applications with Flatdecks to transport bagged cement as well as 34 ton Side Tippers for moving coal, sand, limestone, gypsum and clinker.

We make use of the best equipment available in order to provide a quality service. Although we a new entrant to the market, there’s no replacement for our years of experience and quality workmanship. We believe 100% that our pool of skills and experience will drive us to deliver quality services to our clients.

Earth Moving

The use of heavy-duty machinery to move earth, push materials, dig and level earth.

Staff Assessments

Assessment of any and all staff

Rehabilitation of Ground

Land rehabilitation as a part of environmental remediation is the process of returning the land in a given area to some degree of its former state, after some process (industry, natural disasters, etc.) has resulted in its damage


Drilling is used to obtain detailed information about rock types, mineral content, rock fabric, and the relationship between the rock layers close to the surface and at depth

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064 018 9188